Epoch BG - 2021 Shopify Store Stats

2020-2021 E-Commerce Site Stats You Might Be Interested In

Here are 2020 – 2021 stats on E-Commerce stores. Based on Shopify Stores but can be generally reflective of the other platforms as well.

95% of new E-Commerce stores eventually fail. They lack the ability to:

  • Drive sales (Drive Traffic, High Bounce Rate, Low Conversion Rates, etc.)

  • Keep customers (Bad Product Offering, Bad Pricing / Value, Poorly Designed Site, etc.)

  • Provide a good service

The top ten reasons why E-Commerce startups end in failure:

  1. Poor online marketing – 37%

  2. Lack of online search visibility – 35%

  3. Little to no market for their products or services – 35%

  4. Running out of cash – 32%

  5. Price and costing issues – 29%

  6. Got outcompeted – 23%

  7. Retail giants dominating a large share of the market – 19%

  8. Lack customer service – 16%

  9. Poor team around them – 14%

  10. Product mistiming – 11%

Typical traits of successful E-Commerce stores:

  • Customer experience above everything

  • Brand appeal

  • No unnecessary extra costs

  • Social proof (testimonials and reviews)

  • Accurate product descriptions and specifications

  • Top-notch customer service

  • Quicker website load speeds

  • Abandoned cart recovery

Average conversion rate on non-promotional events is 3-5%.

According to Shopify statistics conversion rates for sales channels are:

  • 4.29% for email campaigns

  • 3.04% for organic search

  • 2.93% direct

  • 1.81% social media referrals

  • Facebook is unsurprisingly number 1 as a source of social traffic and sales. Almost ⅓ of all social media visits to Shopify stores come from Facebook.

  • Facebook has the highest conversion rate among all social media e-commerce traffic – at 1.85%. 85% of orders originating from social media from Facebook traffic.

  • On average, email campaigns and general SEO efforts geared for general search engine (Google, Bing, etc.) queries produce the highest conversion rates. Small-budget paid ad campaigns did not fair well.

66% of online sales and over 70% of traffic is now through mobile devices. (Is your store optimized for mobile?)

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