Information Required To Start A New Shopify Account

Information Required To Start A New Shopify Account & Store

This is the basic account information needed to begin a Shopify Account

  1. What is the desired Shopify store name?
  2. Legal name, address, phone, etc, for the Company being set up.
  3. If the Company does not have a company phone number I recommend obtaining a google phone number as it’s free and no one’s personal information is posted on a live website. If there is no business physical address I recommend using a paid mailbox address (not a PO box). FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes.

  4. The Company’s EIN number.
  5. The Company’s high-res logo file.
  6. The Company’s Shopify point of contact email address.
  7. The Company’s customer service email address.
  8. The Company’s credit card number, CVV and expiration date.
  9. This is the card Shopify will charge for monthly billings. The billing address for this credit card will be needed?

  10. Your name, date of birth and last 4 digits of the SSN.
  11. Your IP address (google “what is my IP address”).
  12. The timezone will the website be based in? EST? PST? Etc…
  13. The Company’s bank account and bank routing number to receive payments from Shopify for store transactions.
  14. Verify Shopify (Stripe) will be the gateway to process credit card payments.
  15. You can activate PayPal payments.
  16. You can activate a Facebook Store.
  17. What is the shipping method? The shipping is originating from where? Are you using Amazon FBA?
  18. Free shipping at what price point?
  19. All states where the client has a point of presence for sales tax purposes.
  20. All product information: variant information, hi-res images, pricing, inventory levels, copy content.
  21. Landing page copy content.
  22. You need to choose a Shopify Theme from the Shopify Theme Store.
  23. You will need landing page banner images. Image Pixel sizes will depend on the theme chosen.
  24. The Company’s contact information for the “contact us” page.
  25. The Company’s “about us” content
  26. An “ingredient” page content if applicable.
  27. Copy content for a “testimonial” page if applicable.
  28. You need to review, modify and approve privacy policy, returns policy, terms of service page Shopify produces.
  29. List of all domains owned by you to be pointed to the Shopify store.
  30. Set up Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google Merchant Accounts.
  31. Links to all social media pages you have.
  32. You need to provide the Facebook Pixel.