Define Your Brand And Image

Define Your Brand And Image

Establish An Emotional Connection To Customers and Potential Customers

How to Create Emotional Connections with Your Customers
  • Tell Authentic Stories.
  • Remember the Human.
  • Embrace Personalization.
  • Be Real.
  • Understand your Audience.
  • Nurture a Relationship.

Business Name Vs Brand Name

Corporate name (inc, LLC, etc) is the parent with multiple subsidiaries (DBAs or actually subsidiaries).



There are various types of trademarks. Research the one that fits you.

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Color Scheme

Individual demographics prefer individual color schemes.

Embrace color theory to understand what colors mean. Identify what your brand is about so you can align with relevant colors. Consider your competitors so you don't look the same. Create and test a color palette across all brand touchpoints.


Same Thought As The Color Scheme.

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