3 Quick Possible Answers Why You Have No Sales or Traffic

3 Quick Possible Answers Why You Have No Sales or Traffic

There are many reasons why you're not making real money with your online store.

Read here for 3 common reasons (they are easy to fix):

If your website has less than 2,000 real visits per day, a bounce rate of 50% or higher, or a conversion rate less than 2%, face it: you own a hobby not a business. And that's okay if that's your goal. There's absolutely nothing wrong with running a hobby as a pastime.

But if your aim is to develop your store into a profitable business, read on.

Let's start simple:
If you have poor traffic (less than 2,000 visits per day every day), your site is basically unknown.

You likely need brand awareness and brand exposure.

Tinkering with the site or doing anything else that doesn't expose your brand to the public, at this point, will not help sales.

  • No Traffic = No Sales

You need a comprehensive marketing program. Contact us for a free evaluation.

If you have a bounce rate higher than 50%
One reason maybe your marketing is reaching the wrong people. I've seen business is pay experts to generate traffic with the traffic ending up being computer-generated. In other words, fake traffic. Look for traffic coming from a particular geographic area like Asheville or Boden.

  • Don't pay for fake traffic.

Contact us for a free evaluation.

If you have a conversion rate less than 2%
A 2% conversion rate means you get 2 actual sale transactions out of every 100 site visits. 2% is the minimum you are shooting for, so not getting that can mean your customer value proposition is not working. Are you now asking what that means? Okay…

  • Value Proposition = The Total Product Presentation To The Customer
    • The product itself (is it any good?)
    • Price( including tax and shipping)
    • Is delivery fast and easy
    • Is your site pleasant and easy to be on

Don't get defensive about your store or product. It doesn't matter what you like... It only matters what your customer likes.

Some other indicators you may need to tweak your marketing:

  • Do you have a large abandoned cart value?
  • Have you researched your competitor's offerings?
  • Have you simply asked your visitors why they don't buy from you? 

Contact us for a free evaluation.

Lastly, here’s a list of some of the metrics we often analyze to reveal a lot of information why you’re not getting traffic or sales:


 Average Daily Traffic Bounce Rate Conversion Rate
Abandoned Cart Value Average Product Value Average # Items / Sale
% New Visitors % New Customers Repeat Customer Duration
Discounts as a % of Sales

We trend these metrics on a 7 day, month, 3 month and YTD time periods and compare to prior periods. If the trends are not positive (trending upward), its a signal you need to change something.

Contact us with any questions or for a free consultation.

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