4 Reasons Why Paid Ad Campaigns Won't Work For Some Small Brands

4 Reasons Why Paid Ad Campaigns Won't Work For Some Small Brands

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4 Reasons How Paid Ad Campaigns (PPC) Can Fail Small Brands:

1.  It's Simple Economics

If your brand is in a competitive space (Hemp, Cosmeceuticals, Apparel, Etc.), the big brand will outbid you for the customer "Click".  Small brands simply cannot compete financially against larger brands.

As a benchmark in most product categories, spending 5 figures per month ($10k+ per month) is a small advertising budget.

It is expensive and there is no guarantee of Return On Investment (ROI).  This means there is a good chance you won’t even break even and get your money back.  There are games in Vegas with better odds of winning.

2.  Small Brands Do Not Have Brand Awareness So Potential Customers Don't "Click"

Small brands all are fighting to get their brand name and message out to new customers.  It's all part of growing your brand and business. 

Potential customers, seeing an unknown brand in an ad, are not as likely to "Click" on the ad as opposed to an ad for a brand they recognize.

When You're Online, How Many Ads Do You completely Ignore?


3.  Fraudulent "Click Farms" Costing You Money And Never Buying Your Product

A click farm is a form of click fraud, where a large group of low-paid workers is hired to click on paid advertising links for the click fraudster (click farm master or click farmer).

Fraudulent click farms steal your money and do not build your sales or business.   According to statistics gathered by fraud protection platform PPC Protect, which analyzed more than a billion ad clicks to compile its annual Global PPC Click Fraud Report:

  • 11% Of All Search Clicks Are Fraudulent

  • 17% On Connected TV Campaigns Are Fraudulent

  • 36% On Display Advertising Campaigns Are Fraudulent

You, as the one paying for "Clicks",  are paying for this common type of fraud.

Typical Fraudulent Click FarmTypical Fraudulent Click Farm - Click On Image To Watch Short Video On $50 Billion Fraud Problem


4.  It Is Tough To Breakeven On ROI With Paid Advertising

The cost never ends.

Once you stop paying for ads the campaign is over.  It's not like you built lasting web pages or social media posts.

The campaign has to be perfect, both in content, delivery, and long-lasting to be meaningful.  When you’re online how many ads do you not even look at?



The Better Alternative

Mass Landing Pages

Using Simple Backend Coding, Web Landing Pages (those that show up in search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Etc.) Is The most cost-effective way to develop brand awareness and to develop customer recognition.

There is no monthly campaign cost, there is no fraud cost, and you can scale it to unlimited size.

Build a template page and automatically generate thousands of web pages based on zip codes or area codes.  Generating the pages costs nothing and can improve your search engine presence.

This little-used organic SEO method can get your brand on page 1 of search results.


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The Below Stats May Increase Your Brand's Sales If Adapted To Correctly.

2021 Online Retail Business Statistics

Adobe Consumer Content Survey
Net Marketshare


Customer Behavior
38% Of People Will Stop Interacting With A Poorly Designed Site

38.5% Of Users Judge A Business By How Their Website Looks At First Glance

40% Of People Will Stop Engaging With A Slow Website

Conversions Will Drop Up To 20% Per Additional Second Of Your Site Load Time

Poor User Experience Drives 50% Of Users To Go With Your Competitors Instead

80% Of Mobile Shoppers Abandon Their Cart

Users Spend 88% More Time On Web Pages With Video Content

Free Shipping Is One Of The Leading Drivers Of Online Sales. 

Online Shoppers Expect Two- To Three-Day Shipping
Ecommerce Statistics
43% Of Small Businesses Plan To Invest In Web Performance

Sites That Only Accept PayPal Are Considered Less Trustworthy

70% Of Traffic Is Directed Through Google

The Average Click-Through Rate Of A Call To Action Is 4.23%.
4.23% May Not Seem Like A High Number To You, But It’s Higher Than The 3.17% Click-Through Rate (CTR) For Google Ads—And Much Cheaper Too.

Half Of Google Searches Are For Local Businesses

A Loyal (Repeat) Customer Is Worth 10 Single-Purchase Customers

By 2022, 73% of E-Commerce Sales Will Be Made With Mobile Devices 
Consistent Branding Can Increase Conversions By 33%

Businesses That Blog Get 67% More Leads Per Month

It Takes 5 To 7 Impressions To Produce Brand Awareness

You Have 7 Seconds To Make Your First Impression

A ‘Signature Color’ For Your Brand Boosts Recognition By 80%
Amazon Statistics
63% Of Online Shoppers Go Directly To Amazon When Searching For Products
Amazon Is Slowly Outranking Search Engines When It Comes To Product Searches And Shopping Inspiration.

89% Of Online Shoppers Are More Likely To Buy From Amazon Than Elsewhere

Amazon.com (USA) Daily Traffic Is Greater Than 80 Million Visits
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