Are You on Amazon and if so Are You Doing Well?

Are You on Amazon and if so Are You Doing Well?

If you’re not on Amazon you’re definitely missing the boat in terms of being successful in online retailing.

If you’re on Amazon but not doing well then you need to visit

Here are some interesting Amazon Stats:
• Accenture Consulting's 2016 Holiday Shopping Survey has an amazing statistic that 84% of U.S. shoppers planned to check Inc. before buying elsewhere. The numbers are similar for the United Kingdom at 80% and France at 70%.

• 44% web shoppers go to Amazon for product searches.
How are you going to compete with that in your Shopify store? If you're not smart you will likely be in a small life raft drifting in the middle of the pacific ocean... without a paddle!

Even More Stats:
• Amazon has 300 million registered users. It reaches over 102 million people in the USA on a monthly basis. 80% of USA Amazon customers make at least 1 purchase per month. 20% of USA Amazon users make a purchase once a week.

• MAU (Monthly Average Users) on mobile app are 30 million users. 50% of USA online shoppers are on the Amazon mobile app.

• Amazon has 45,000 warehouse robots employed not needing HR, breaks or benefits. Think of how you compete against this if you’re fulfilling and shipping your own orders. Epochbg can assist you with FBA.

• Average Amazon site visit is 6.3 minutes with 9.85 pages viewed per visit and a bounce rate of 37.68%. What’s your site’s stats?

• Facebook, Youtube, and Reddit are the 3 largest social media sites sending traffic to Amazon. BUT, only 4.57% of total traffic is from social media. The 3 largest channels directing traffic to Amazon is Direct, Referrals and Organic Search.

• Amazon’s Mission Statement – “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices”. What’s yours?

• Amazon's main sales pitch nowadays is based on ease and convenience—one-click shopping, no need to worry about shipping for Prime members, etc.—rather than rock-bottom prices. Based on rising Amazon Prime numbers, the pitch is working quite well. What’s yours?

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