Before You ask for a Review of Your Online Store Because of No Sales or Traffic

We get a lot of requests to review client’s and or potential client’s online stores to improve their financial performance. A common conversation then takes place to discuss the path that request will take.

Number 1: There is really no point in discussing marketing changes/improvement options IF the following three criteria have NOT been achieved no matter what kind of traffic you have or what great marketing campaign you are running:

Customer Education – Why should the customer buy from you? Why shouldn’t the customer buy your product, or a product very similar to your product, on Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, Ebay, or any other supersized marketplace site that they know and trust? How does the customer know you are providing the best product at the best overall price including shipping and tax?

Customer Trust / Experience– Will the customer get the product / service and will the payment be processed in a secure manner. If there is a problem, how easily will it be resolved? Do you operate on the Nordstrom philosophy - Money back guaranteed with no questions asked? Do you list a phone, email and physical address on your “contact us” page? What does the “About Us” page tell the customer?

Customer Experience - How do you know you have made it easy for the customer to move through your site and have an enjoyable experience? Do you have free shipping? People go the supersites based purely on price, trust, and ease of use (convenience). How are you topping that?

So whether you take this as a bit of advice or as a start of an internal reflection of your site before considering the time and expense of undertaking new marketing initiatives or structural changes to your online store consider the 3 criteria listed above and objectively ask yourself if those three metrics have been achieved.

And we are here to help!

We can help you with both the basic 3 criteria above and with marketing.
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