Biggest Hurdle For Small Brands To Overcome Is MARKETING

Biggest Hurdle For Small Brands To Overcome Is MARKETING

Many Brands Simply Don't Understand What Marketing Is Or How To Market

At EpochBG It's our experience working with brands on both Amazon and Shopify is that being successful in brand marketing and brand exposure are two of the absolute critical objectives to accomplish that startup or new brands simply do not recognize.

Starting a Shopify store or getting listed on Amazon is literally the easiest part of ensuring success as a small brand.  


So Here Are Some Tools That May Be Of Useful Information To You As A Brand

Here is a link to a great article about developing a marketing budget:

Determining actual marketing dollars will depend on many factors such as:

  • What is the level of your brand's recognition (how many people know who you are)?
  • What business space are you in (what do you sell and who do you sell it to)?
  • How do you sell your products or services (online, brick & mortar, retail, wholesale...)?
  • What is your current revenue and what are your revenue goals?


Here's A Spreadsheet We Found That's A Starting Point In Developing A Market Budget

Click on the below image to download a simple excel spreadsheet by WebStratagies (no affiliation) to at least start forming ideas about a budget.  We didn't create this spreadsheet but we find it useful when evaluating a marketing budget.

Marketing Budget Calculator

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