CBD Sales Data Update 2018

CBD Sales Data Update 2018

CBD Sales On Amazon In July 2018 Update

Fed Up Not Making Money with Your Online Store or Selling on Amazon?

Can't Get Your Hemp Products Listed On Amazon?

July Sales Data For Amazon's CBD Products Was 148,000 Units Sold At $4.4MM In Product Vale.

The Top Search Results were 247 SKU's By 162 Brands.

Only 20% Of the Brands Had More Than 1 SKU In The Search Results.

Top Selling Brand Sold More Than $453,000 in July.



Newsletter Issue #11 - Some Quick Facts And Answers from EpochBG


In 2018 So Far Amazon:

  • Now Controls 54% Of Online Sales In The USA For The First Two Months Of This Year.  It beats all other online sellers, big and small, COMBINED.
  • Has 62 Million Visits Per Day Just In The USA.
  • 90 Million Amazon Prime Members With Free Shipping Perks.  This Makes A Lot Of Webstores Uncompetitive.  BTW, Amazon Is Still Collecting “Prime” Fees So Its Still Making Money On Shipping.
  • Still Does Not Require The Customer To Pay Sales Tax On The Majority Of Products.  Depending On What State You Have Presence In That Can Give A Significant Advantage Over Your Webstore.
  • Only 33 Of The Top 162 Brands  (20%) Have More Than One SKU Showing In The Search Results.
  • The Average Number of Customer Reviews Per SKU is 123.  Half Of The Number Of SKUs Did not Achieve 32 Reviews.
  • Absolutely Dominating Some Categories Online.  For Instance, Amazon Controls 91% Of Online Sales For All Skincare Products.
  • Conversion Rate Of 8.3%.  How Does That Rate Compare To Your Webstore?
  • Amazon Is Literally Destroying Major Retailers.  If You’re Not Successful On Amazon It Becomes More And More Difficult To Be Successful Online.
  • The Median Revenue For The Month Of July For Hemp Brands Was $10,000. That Means Half Of The Brands Did Not Achieve That.  And Half The Brands Sold More Than That.
  • The Average Revenue Per Brand Was $27,000 For the Month Of July.  
  • The Top Selling Brand Generated $453,000 In Sales In July. 
  • Most Brands Are Not Effective in Getting Customer Reviews, A Critical Success Factor On Amazon.

Major Reasons Small Businesses (SB) Do Not Perform Well On Amazon:

  • Amazon Sells The SB Product Directly Or The SB Sells Products That Amazon Sells Directly
  • The SB Products Are Not “Prime” Products
  • The SB Is Not Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)
  • The SB Is Basically An Unknown Brand And Is Not Effectively Marketing Itself Outside Of Amazon.
  • The SB Does Not Win The Buy Box (And Commonly Even Does Not Know What The Buy Box Is)
  • The SB Products Do Not Have A Decent Best Seller Ranking (BSR)
  • The SB Is Not Collecting Customer Reviews
  • The SB Is Not Pricing Its Products Competitively
EpochBG.com Amazon Page

What EPOCHBG Can Do For Your Business On Amazon In Our Stores:

  • Take Your Products Through The Amazon Approval Process Including Products Like Hemp Products
  • Optimize And Maintain Product Pages
  • Complete Brand Registry
  • Inventory Management Complete With Shipping And Freight Labels
  • Customer Service
  • Follow Up With Purchases And Get Verified Customer Reviews
  • Accounting To Ensure Payouts Match Sales
  • Suggest Effective Price Points

EpochBG Can Build Your Shopify Store And Integrate It Into Your Marketing Channels Including Amazon

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