Do You Know What You Don't Know

Do you know the difference between the $29/month plan and the $79/month plan on Shopify? I have clients that don't get the significance between the two plans so I'm blasting out a general email to Shopify stores explaining.

(1) From a financial point of view if you don't have $16,700 / month in online sales or $25,000 / month in POS sales you're not benefiting from a $79/month assuming you're using the Shopify Gateway payment system. If you're using a non-Shopify gateway then the breakeven is $5,000/month in sales.

(2) If you are using the $29/month plan your abandoned cart recovery notification is disabled.

(3) If you using the $29/month plan you cannot process gift card payments.

If items (1) - (3) do not impact you then stick with the $29/month plan. If you don't understand what I am talking about please drop me note and I will contact you explain.
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