Do you sell on Amazon or to Amazon?

Do you sell on Amazon or to Amazon?

A common response when speaking to online retailers is that they do not know the difference between selling to Amazon (Vendor Central account) and selling on Amazon (seller central account).

Successfully working with Amazon and making money can be a tricky undertaking.  Companies will hire employees or consultants to manage their online retailing efforts.  But leaders at these companies may very well have no idea how it all works, have no idea how to measure accurately the results and therefore have no basis in making informed decisions on how to improve or correct the online retailing effort.

To begin with selling to Amazon is something like selling to any other big box retail organization.  You as the supplier will have no control over presentation and very likely will not have control over price.  And if the product doesn't sell it's very likely you will either have to take back the product or just have the product thrown away (or sold at such a low price that it will likely impact your brand image).

Selling on Amazon is like being a produce stand in a farmer's market.  You set up your own stand, set your own pricing, sell what you want to sell, etc..  You control your brand.

If done correctly selling on Amazon will generate much higher revenues and margins for your products.  But you need to understand all the ins and outs of the backend of the Amazon platform.

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