End of January - Are Your Keywords Working?

How Are You Choosing Your Marketing Keywords?

How Do You Know You're Using Keywords That Matter?
Newsletter Issue #4 - Some Quick Answers from EpochBG

- Your Online Store -
Shopify, SquareSpace, Big Commerce, GoDaddy, Wix, WooCommerce, Amazon, Etc...

Whatever platform You're On, Choosing the Correct Keywords Determines Whether You're Found on Search Engine Searches.

Have the words that fill your store, your social media posts, and your marketing match the what people are using to search for the very products you are trying to sell?

Do You Realize Those Search Engine Searches By Your Potential Customers Can Vary Greatly.... Even By City to City?

Are you using Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Correlate to figure out how to improve your traffic and your conversions?

- EpochBG -

EpochBG Can Set Up Programs That Will Be Simple For You To Use.

- Amazon.com -

Selling ON Amazon
Not Selling TO Amazon

There are not so much "trends" on Amazon but rather its understanding how Amazon works is the key to being successful there. Some things to consider:

  • Selling to Amazon as a vendor rather than selling on Amazon will mean a loss of control of your brand's presentation and price.
  • If you are selling on Amazon and Amazon is also selling your product it is very likely you will not ever win the buy box.
  • If your keywords are not set in full compliance with Amazon's rules the entire keyword set is rejected. You will not be notified of this.... but you will also not show up in search results.
  • You need to have your brand registered to protect your listing
  • You need to ensure customer returns, negative reviews, and late shipments are at a very low level otherwise you may be delisted
  • If you are not effectively promoting your brand outside of Amazon its likely you will not be successful on Amazon.

If your online presence is not producing the results you expect contact us discuss what your options are.

We have over 115 brands and manufacturers on Amazon and looking to bring more on as our partners.

What To Do? What Is The Point?

Of Course Point #1 is to Make More Profit. Duh...

But On a Higher Level, What Does That Mean? More Profit Means What To Your Company?

It Means More Than Just Money. More Profit Allows Your Company to Grow. More Profit Improves the Existential Condition of Your Company and It's Employees both Financially and Psychologically.

More Profit Lifts Your Company and Attracts Better Talent. Sucess Breeds Sucess.

Your Company Owes It To Itself Every Chance To Improve.

You Won't Know If You Don't Try.

If Your Online Store or Amazon Presence Is Not Meeting Expectations, Don't Wait For The Storm To Pass.... Learn To Dance In The Rain. Together EpochBG and Your Company May Find That Chance.

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