Epoch BG - Competing To Win in Joint Ventures

Epoch BG Is Looking To Partner / Joint-Venture With Low-Cost Vertical Brands / Businesses - Let's Compete To Win

Epoch BG Is Continuing Partnering With Brands And Businesses, Getting Products Listed On Amazon As “Platinum Prime FBA” And Creating High-Visibility E-Commerce Product Pages.

Epoch BG deliverables shall be:

  • A complete Shopify or WordPress store with all the SEO-Keyword appropriate copy content.

  • All backend logistic setup

  • All links set (Google Analytics, Search Console, Bing Webmaster, Google Merchant, and Social Media pages, etc.)

  • Perform all the customer service, SEO, marketing and advertising, and the social media aspects.

What manufacturers typically lack in their b2c retail efforts:

  • Brand messaging and brand exposure

  • General retail experience (in this case, online retail experience)

  • Developing and executing superior customer service and experience


As the JV Partner, your responsibility will be providing the product (product, packaging, product images, trademark, fulfillment of orders).

We will need to discuss all the fine details. Checks and balances to be laid out so the entire operation is completely transparent to all participants. No rush to start as this JV will be well thought out.

Target market is USA initially.

Currently we have partnered with brands and have stores on Shopify and OpenCart.

We have partnered with and listed brands on Amazon as a Platinum Seller. Very familiar with Amazon FBA practices, requirements, and logistics.

If you are a wholesaler (white label and or private label provider) this business model will not conflict with your contractual terms of those brands in terms of non-compete clauses.

Niches we have experience marketing and running online retail operations in:

  • CBD / Delta 8
    • It’s no secret that CBD and Delta 8 are becoming commoditized and retail prices are dropping reflecting that. Pricing and branding are the keys as this fragmented market consolidates.

    • We have worked with dozens of CBD brands (Most being white label buying from manufacturers). We know the industry and the customer demographics. The industry is crowded with brands that have no real skill in marketing their product.

    • THC products still contend with a lot of market allowability unknowns. Open to discuss but hesitant in entering that space.

  • Cosmeceutical / Beauty Products
    • Experience in the cosmeceuticals, Beauty, Skincare spaces.

    • Experienced with customer demographics

  • Supplements
    • All types including beverages like Alkaline water products. Probiotics, nutritional, and dietary.

  • Unique Products
    • Familiar with Kickstarter campaigns

Niches that are too commoditized and we will pass on are Apparel, Personal accessories, Jewelry, perishable goods or products that require climate-controlled warehousing.

Producing monthly P&L’s, ROAS spend analysis, and all vendor relations status reports (outside of your product supply chain) I am very familiar with.


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