Fed Up Not Making Money with Your Online Store or Selling on Amazon?

Fed Up Not Making Money with Your Online Store or Selling on Amazon?

Fed Up Not Making Money with Your Online Store or Selling on Amazon

Newsletter Issue #2 - Some Quick Answers from EpochBG

- Online Store -
Shopify, SquareSpace, Big Commerce, GoDaddy, Wix

-- No Traffic Coming to Your Online Store? --

This is a Marketing Issue:

  • Not Reaching Your Customers
  • Not Presenting a Compelling Reason to Come to the Online Store
  • Social Media Drivers Are Not Effectively Being Executed

-- No Sales on Your Online Store? --

This is a Customer Experience Issue:

  • Poor Store Setup / Presentation
  • Poor Product Presentation
  • Uncompetitive Price Offering (Price+Tax+Shipping)
  • Poor Customer Trust / Store Credibility Development

- Amazon.com -

Selling ON Amazon
Not Selling TO Amazon... Which is Even Worse

With 138 Million Unique Customer Visits per Month, Amazon is the World's Largest Marketplace so Traffic is Not the Issue. Not Being on Amazon is Not an Option. Therefore, Let's Move Onto Sales....

Poor Sales Results From Not Getting Noticed and/or Poor Product Presentation:

  • Advertising is the Necessary for Getting Noticed. Keyword Selection and Monetary Budget are the Driving Metrics. Do You Have the Ability to Determine Amazon's Ever-Changing Keyword Preference? Do You Have Analytical Data Providing Basis for a Budget?
  • Product Presentation Makes or Breaks the Customer Decision to Purchase. The Product Photography, the Product Presentation, the Product Price Relative to the Competition, and if the Product is Prime Eligible are Some of the Product Presentation Metrics.
  • Then There are Those Who Can't Successfully Get Approved by Amazon as a Seller or Get Their Product's Approved Once Their Seller Status is Obtained.


What To Do? What Is The Point?


Of Course Point #1 is to Make More Profit. Duh...

But On a Higher Level, What Does That Mean? More Profit Means What To Your Company?

It Means More Than Just Money. More Profit Allows Your Company to Grow. More Profit Improves the Existential Condition of Your Company and It's Employees both Financially and Psychologically.

More Profit Lifts Your Company and Attracts Better Talent. Success Breeds Success.

Your Company Owes It To Itself Every Chance To Improve.

Simply ReplyTo This Email To Requesting Free Information Improving Your Online Store.

You Won't Know If You Don't Try.

If Your Online Store or Amazon Presence Is Not Meeting Expectations, Don't Wait For The Storm To Pass.... Learn To Dance In The Rain.

Together EpochBG and Your Company May Find That Chance.

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