Geo-Location SEO - What Is It?

Geo-Location SEO - What Is It?

What is the return on the money being spent on marketing/advertising? For a lot of brands its not much.
Is your brand lacking website traffic?
The EpochBG group has a method to match an visitor’s ip address and search query ("cbd near me" or "best probiotic", etc) to a page on your brand's website.

It's advanced organic search SEO. And there is no monthly adspend. What it requires is widely available city/zip databases and page content for the topic/product you are trying to reach potential customers with.

The trend in online retail is if your brand cannot afford a 5-to-6 figure adspend your ROI probably won't meet expectations.

Contact us for actual examples of this method's success.

We are actively seeking brands to join our retail group on Amazon.


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