Great Article from UConn Today - Fact and Fiction About CBD Oil

Great Article from UConn Today - Fact and Fiction About CBD Oil

With so many snake oil "CBD" products on the market, this is an informational article by Sheila Foran - UConn Communications to help you avoid being scammed...

Professionally made CBD products will have the batch number and date of manufacture printed somewhere on the label.  CBD is produced in "batches" so the only test result you would be interested in is the particular batch test for the product you are buying.  Test results vary batch to batch so you need to match your actual product purchased to the correct batch test result.

The article states that only 31% of CBD products sold are labeled correctly! 

You should be able to go back to the brand's website and download the Certificate Of Analysis (COA) to review the potency and purity (pesticides, molds, heavy metals/toxins, etc.). 

Remember CBD does have a shelf life and does degrade if exposed to direct light and or heat.

Use caution with any brand that is difficult to contact, does not post their COAs, and does not print the batch number on the actual product.


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Fact and Fiction About CBD Oil

Fact and Fiction About CBD Oil


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