Hemp User Demographic Data That May Surprise You

Hemp User Demographic Data That May Surprise You

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Here Are The Results Of A Survey Conducted By HelloMD and The Brightfield Group Documenting CBD User Demographic Data:

Typical CBD User Profile

Typical Cannabis User Profile

Top Medical Issues Used For

59% Of CBD Users Are Female

58% Of CBD Users Are 35 - 64 Years Old

55% Of CBD Users Purchase Their CBD Products At Storefront Dispensaries, 31% Through Local Delivery
Services, And 17% Via Online.

CBD Users Tend To Enjoy Having Low Or Micro-Doses Of CBD (10mg Or Less), Once Or
Twice Per Day. More Specifically, 40% Of CBD Users Prefer Micro-Dosing With Products Containing
<10mg Of THC Or CBD (20% Use This Dosage Once Per Day, And The Same
Percentage Do So More Than Once Daily), And Only 9.4% Prefer Doses Over 100mg Of
CBD Or THC Per Day.

Nearly 70% Of CBD Users Also Use THC-Dominant Products, Though
Those Who Are CBD Users Tend To Spend Significantly Less On THC Products. For Example,
17% Of CBD Users Spend $81-160 Per Month On THC-Dominant Products, Whereas Among
Primarily THC Users, 22.5% Spend This Amount.

The Largest Group Of CBD Users - About 44% - Are Spending Between $20 And $80 Per Month
On CBD Products. Over 13% Are Spending More Than $160 Per Month On CBD Products, And 1%
Spend Over $600 Monthly.

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