How Can A Small Or Medium-Sized Business Compete online?

How Can A Small Or Medium-Sized Business Compete?

Big Business Spends Millions of $ Monthly on Marketing and Advertising.


How Can A Small Or Medium-Sized Business Compete?



Small/Medium-Sized Businesses Cannot.


There Is A More Effective Way Of Reaching Potential Customers:

Mass Page Generation Is One BackEnd Method That Doesn't Require Massive Monthly Spending.


Automatically Mass Generate Pages and Posts To Maximize Your Search Engine Presence At The Fraction Of The Price.

Typical PPC Cycle (High Cost)

Epoch BG's Retail Group Is Partnering With Small Businesses.

Doesn't Matter What Marketplace/Platform you are on:



The 2 Primary Reasons Online Stores Fail:

- Failure To Reach New Customers -

- Not Developing And Following A Real Business Plan -


Our Retail Group Provides Business Support Not Just Marketing:  

  • We Have Been A Platinum Seller On Amazon Since 2006 And Understand How To Incorporate Amazon Into Your Store / Business.

  • We Are Registered Shopify Partners / Experts.

  • We Make Money Based On Sales Not Hours Billed.

  • Your Whole Business Is Reviewed, Not Just An Ad Campaign.

  • We Will Conduct A Free Audit Of Your Website, Social Media, And Business Overall.


Click Here For A Directory Of Info On How To Start Or Grow A Business.

Here is the CBInsights 2021 Report On Why Startups and Small Businesses Fail.


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