How Sales Impact Ranking On Amazon

How Sales Impact Ranking On Amazon

How Do Sales Impact Your Seller Ranking On Amazon?

Amazon Treats Sales According To How They Are Made!

Note: If Your Products Are Still In The Approval Process, Amazon, In Some Cases, Is Taking Up 5 Months Or Longer To Approve Products!

The 3 Biggest Factors Of Developing and Increasing Your Amazon Ranking Are:

- Organic Sales (Sales From General Customer Searches On Amazon)

- The Conversion Rate Of Your Product Page

- Your Sales For The Last 180 Days Of Your Product

These 3 factors take time to develop.  The fastest way to develop these 3 factors is driving customers (and sales) from outside of Amazon to your product page.  External links from your website, your social media pages, email campaigns are examples of the type of marketing you need to do and do well at!  This outside marketing has almost the same impact to ranking as Amazon organically derived sales.

Interesting to note that Amazon sales originating from Amazon PPC Ads or other internal Amazon line only have 1/3 to 1/4 the improvement impact to your Amazon Ranking as the other factors listed above.

Why Are You Not Getting Sales On Amazon?

Is your CBD brand on Amazon selling less than $9,300 USD per month (assuming your brand is on Amazon)?

If your brand is not selling $9,300 per month on Amazon just know that is the median revenue per hemp/CBD brand which means half of the brands do not achieve that milestone.  

The average revenue on Amazon in August per CBD brand was $31,000.  

32 Brands had revenue of over $100,000 in the Month of August.  

Top selling brand did over $450,000 in August.

Here’s the deal.

Why are you not achieving the average revenue or Why are you not in the top revenue HEMP group on Amazon?

Let’s run down the mechanics of Marketing:

  • Do you have Google Search Console Setup to Index Your Site? 

  • Do you have structured Data?  Rich Cards?  Analytics?

  • Have You Tested Your Sitemap To Ensure The Indexing Is Working Properly?

  • Have You, On A Regular Basis, Created Blog Posts With Actual Keyword Terms Used By Customers Search For Products Like Yours?

  • Does Your Website / Webstore Redirect Customers To Your Amazon Product Page Via A "Buy Button"?  Your Goal Is To Develop Sales History On Amazon To Develop A Better "Best Seller Ranking (BSR)".  Developing Sales On Your Webstore Does Not Benefit Your Amazon Presence.  Your Webstore Should Become A Funnel To Your Amazon URL(s).  Amazon gets 62 million visits a day.  Let’s be realistic.  You can’t compete against that.  I know.  I am a Shopify partner and designated “expert”.

Social Media:

  • Do You Have Links To Your Amazon URL(s) On Your Social Media Pages Or Are You Pointing To Your Webstore?  Potential Customers Trust Amazon More Than A Merchant's Webstore And Being On Amazon Is A Stamp Of Approval For Your Brand.  This Should Lead To Higher Conversion Rates.  Webstores have conversion rates of 1-2%.  Amazon conversion rates are over 8%.

Email Campaigns 

  • Are You Collecting Email Addresses Effectively From Existing And Potential Customers?  At The Minimum, You Should Have Email Addresses From Existing Customers And From Anyone Contacting You About Your Company Or Product(s).

  • Are You Using An Email System Like MailChimp Or Constant Contact To Maintain Your Email Customer Database And To Perform Email Blasts?

If Your Brand Is Not At Least Achieving Average Sales On Amazon Contact EpochBG And Get An Audit Of Your Marketing System.

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