New Year Blog Posting....  What to Think About

New Year Blog Posting.... What to Think About

A Few Expected 2018 E-Commerce Trends You May Want To Consider For Your Online Store or Selling on Amazon

Newsletter Issue #3 - Some Quick Answers from EpochBG

- Your Online Store -

These Trends are a Few Being Talked About:

1. Animation
Image files with slight animation is a customer experience becoming more and more the standard and expected. It doesn't mean its a video the customer is expecting, just something that at least captures their attention.

2. Better Photography and Videos
Customers are turned off by poor quality or unoriginal photographs.

3. Social Shopping
Your Facebook Page, your buyable pins on Pinterest, your YouTube channel will or should be a huge source of sales for you.

4. Mobile Commerce
40% of ecommerce will be coming from mobile devices this year. Is your site set-up to handle that?

5. Easier Checkout
1-click payment systems like Amazon Pay or Apple Pay will be becoming more and more expected.

6. Simplicity over Complexity
Customers expect great content not a lot of flash. Simple, clean, easy to use sites are what convert sales.

7. Speed
Many sites are still slow loading, not mobile responsive, and overall do not perform well. More and more this kills the chance for a sale.


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Selling ON Amazon
Not Selling TO Amazon... Which is Even Worse


There are not so much "trends" on Amazon but rather its understanding how Amazon works is the key to being successful there. Some things to consider:

  • Selling to Amazon as a vendor rather than selling on Amazon will mean a loss of control of your brand's presentation and price.
  • If you are selling on Amazon and Amazon is also selling your product it is very likely you will not ever win the buy box.
  • If your keywords are not set in full compliance with Amazon's rules the entire keyword set is rejected. You will not be notified of this.... but will also not show up in search results.
  • You need to have your brand registered to protect your listing
  • You need to ensure customer returns, negative reviews, and late shipments are at a very low level otherwise you may be delisted
  • If you are not effectively promoting your brand outside of Amazon its likely you will not be successful on Amazon.


If your online presence is not producing the results you expect respond back to this email or email us at to discuss what your options are.

We have over 115 brands and manufacturers on Amazon and looking to bring more on as our partners.

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