No Traffic No Sales No Problem

Ok…  So you built a website and maybe are on Amazon as well.  But you and most other small brands out there have yet to achieve traffic and sales for your E-commerce store.

Lack of traffic has nothing really to do with sales.

Lack of Traffic is:

  • reflective of marketing reach
  • getting a hold of your true customer
  • creating a driving reason to come to the store in the first place

Developing AND executing a marketing plan should be your primary objective, which is a major undertaking.  Social Media, brand messaging, connecting with your targeted customer and so on are the action items needing attention.

It's stating the obvious that WITHOUT traffic you will have NO sales you need to work on marketing to fix that.  Assuming your working on that and the result is you’re now getting traffic.  But sales (conversion rates) are lacking.  What are the reasons for that?
There are 3 main components an E-commerce site must be successful at to be profitable:

Need to educate the potential customer why should they buy your product.
You need to build trust with the potential customer.
Is your site easy to navigate, simple and fast?
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