Page 1 Google Search Results Without Paid Advertising Possible?

Page 1 Google Search Results Without Paid Advertising Possible?

How many times a day do you see ads promising you page 1 search results on Google, Bing and other search engines?  Generally, these ads focus on keywords.

Keywords are important.  Statement of the obvious.  

Here is a test.  Go on Google and search for "CBD near me".  Note the CBD brands that show up on page of of the search results.

Now randomly think of another city you currently are not in.  Search for "CBD in xxxx" with xxxx being the city you are thinking of.  Likely those same brands also appear on that page 1 search results.

How do they do this?  These brands are not multi-nationals with huge paid advertising budgets.

Keyword obviously are important.  But that only gets you half way there. 

The page 1 brands appear in the above searches because they have built web pages that are tied to locations as well as specific keywords.

Search engines like Google can relate the online user's location or the location being searched for to specially built geo-location centric web pages.

With backend coding, literally tens-of-thousands of geo-centric web pages can be generated quickly with a database of cities and zip codes and a base template webpage.

Search Engines like web pages where the business  / product is physically near the online customer.  

The main benefit for brands to incorporate geo-location SEO is:

  • Increase Organic Traffic
  • No adspend costs
  • Runs basically by iteslf

It's really a no brainer for brands to utlize.  Contact Us to learn more.

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