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Happy 2019 To All Of Our Partners, And Here’s To A Great Start To The New Year!
EpochBG welcomes you again to the group.  This email is a note to remind Brands of some of the metrics that develop into sales success on Amazon.  A lot of brands are coming online so let’s Review:
  • Bullet Points 
    • Keep Bullet Points under 100 Characters Each.  We have created them but review them to ensure they convey your brand's message.
    • Does your top bullet point on your product page clearly state the efficacy of your product?  In plain language, is the customer being told how great your product works?  If not, let us know and send us language to improve a bullet point. This is the primary factor.  How good is your product? 
  • Do the bullet points include the following (as applicable)? 
    • Grown, Produced, Made (etc) in the USA? 
    • Organic, Natural, Vegan, Non-GMO, Cruelty Free attributes noted? 
    • Quality control:  GMP certified?  Lab Tested?  Is Every Batch Tested? 
    • Are the issues the product addresses (pain relief, moisturizer, anxiety, Sleep Aid, etc) clearly stated.  Cannot remotely make medical claims but what does the product aid in? 
    • Are the ingredients listed?  Directions of how to apply or use? 
    • Battery Life or rechargeable noted? 
  • Price 
    • Do the bullet points justify your price?  Amazon customers have an almost infinite choice of products to purchase.  Make no mistake there are similar products as yours on Amazon.  The marketplace is telling you the truth if you don’t have sales.  Prices above the median price on Amazon for a competing product will prove to be difficult to overcome. 
    • Do not get distracted by thinking you have the best product.  What is the definition of the best product?  One that sells or the one that doesn’t?  It only matters what the customer defines as the best product. 
  • Image Files 
    • Brands tend to not recognize the importance of Hi-Quality Hi-Res photos.  Poor image files are sales killers. The customer can not touch and feel your product online.  The means of doing this is through photos.  Front, back, side images.  If a tincture, show the dropper next to the bottle. If a topical, show a dollup next to the product.  If a gummy, show some gummies next to the jar.  If a toy, show a user enjoying it.  
    • Your jpegs should be at a minimum 1200x1200 pixels.  If not the image cannot be zoomed on and the customer will likely move on to a competitor. 
    • The product has to be at least 80% of the image and on a white or transparent background per Amazon requirements. 
    • Decal banners are recommended.  Organic, vegan, made in the USA, etc.  Whatever applies. 
    • We recommend you visit other competitors pages and compare your image files to theirs.  If you do not have the Amazon Guidelines on Images please let us know and we will forward to you. 
  • Marketing 
    • How is your brand driving traffic to Amazon?  This is one of the key success attributes among successful brands.  We can tell you how many page views you are getting and input into how to build those views. Amazon Sponsored Ads are an option and we can certainly assist with those, but quite often the cost per click and the conversion rates are not cost-effective.  The most effective method to drive eyes to the product page is providing hyperlinks in your website, email campaigns, blog posts and social media. This is also a key component (external redirects) in Amazon's internal SEO search rankings, so you are killing two birds with one stone.  
    • We put all the platinum keywords for Amazon SEO in place.  But if you do not have product rankings you will not appear in Amazon search results.  Driving traffic through your efforts with hyperlinks, social media posts, etc. is the most effective way to jump start this. It also is instant credibility in your social media and website to have "Available on Amazon" showing prominently.
At the end of the day, some brands are killing it on Amazon and most brands on Amazon have little to show in terms of sales.  Contact us to see what can be optimized/improved upon.   You are the expert on your brand and we need you to help us continually improve your presentation to the customer.
Let’s make 2019 is the year for your brand. 
Oh, and if you have unsubscribed to our newsletter you may be missing out on sales data and other information helpful to your brand’s success.

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