"People Don't Buy What You Do; They Buy Why You Do It"

"People Don't Buy What You Do; They Buy Why You Do It"

Epoch BG Provides The Path To Sales Results. 
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People Don't Buy What You Do; They Buy Why You Do It.

The Goal Is Not To Do Business With Everybody Who Needs What You Have.

The Goal Is To Do Business With People Who Believe What You Believe.

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Are You Marketing Your Beliefs?

The "Why"



Your Customer Has Infinite Choices

The Internet Makes Your Competition Just 1 Click Away


What you are selling is being sold by others.  That is just a reality. 

So why would someone buy your product?

Marketing Your Products By Price Is a Race To The Bottom.

And It's A Race You Really Don't Want To Win.  Or Worse Come In Second.



Shouting At Customers With Paid Advertising Just Makes Them Tune You Out


Online customers are bombarded with ads and pop-ups...  It all becomes noise that rarely produces a return for the advertising brand. 

And small brands do not have the financial resources to at least be on top of all that noise.

When You're Online, How Many Ads Do You completely Ignore?



Motivate And Inspire Your Customers With "Why" They Should Buy From You.

If you communicate "why" what you are doing is communicating what your beliefs are.

Successfully articulating your "Why" is a very impactful way to communicate with other humans, define your particular value proposition and inspire them to act. 



Why Does This Matter?

It has to do with the parts of the brain that we use to communicate.

When you’re talking about what you do, you’re speaking to an analytical part of the brain.

But when you talk about the why and how you’re communicating with feelings and dealing with human behavior.

And it’s an age-old saying that we buy with our emotions and then justify it with logic.

So by tapping into your reader's emotions and feelings you can educate your customers, build trust and credibility, position your brand, build connections, and start conversations.



Epoch BG Can Help You With Your "Why"


Do You Have A "Why"

Do You Know How To Communicate Your Why?

To Start Can You List Why You believe Your Product Is a Must-Have Over The Competition?

If Not That Is Where You Need To Start.

Epoch BG Can Help Define and Clarify Your Beliefs That Is Understandable To The Customer.

Once That Is Done, Do You Know How To Get Your Beliefs In Front Of Customers That Won't Bankrupt You?



Who Is The Epoch BG Retail Group?

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Epoch BG Has Experience Marketing And Running Online Retail Operations In CBD/Hemp, Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Specialty Products, And Other Niches.

We Are Registered Shopify Partners And Platinum Amazon Sellers.

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