Realtords Increase Sales By Marketing Themselves

Realtords Increase Sales By Marketing Themselves

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How Realtors Can Increase Sales

Improve Real Estate Sales By Effectively Marketing Yourself With EpochBG


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  • Develop a Strong Online Presence

Every real estate agent needs a "Page 1" online presence. The majority of your real estate marketing should happen online, as this is where most people are going to try to find a property.

The main challenge is that marketing online requires a completely different mindset and skill set than selling real estate.

  • Build and Maintain a Website and Blog

A website or blog is the foundation you need to start building up a consistent brand.

  • Activate a "My Google Business Profile"

All real estate agents who own their own business are eligible to claim and optimize a Google My Business profile, even if your brokerage has one, too.

  • Use SEO Optimization

The website at the top of its rankings gets about 70% of the traffic, and you could get many targeted visitors towards your website.

Mass Landing Page Generators Will generate more traffic to your website.

And Remember, The point of your website is to get visitors to call you!

  • Create Unusual Partnerships with Local Companies

Partnerships with local businesses where your potential clients go are an excellent way for you to get referrals and put your name out there.

EpochBG has over 200 local business connections that mBecome A Storyteller With EpochBGay be a win-win situation for you!/span>

  • Become A Storyteller With EpochBG

Let EpochBG tell your story: what is your day-to-day like? Who are you, and how did you become this way?

People love intimacy when it comes to content and, more importantly, bonding with storytellers who they can relate to on a higher level.

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