Sell One Way on Amazon and Another Way on Shopify

Sell One Way on Amazon and Another Way on Shopify

Sell One Way on Amazon and Another Way on Shopify

Did you know that if you have an Amazon presence AND an e-Commerce site (like Shopify) that you need two different sales approaches? Read more about it below.

Today 55% of online shoppers in the US start their online shopping by directly going to Amazon. Only 28% now start with Google search.

Two key metrics to determine and monitor to ensure you have a chance to be successful on Amazon (assuming you have good products at proper price points):

(1) The particular Amazon Marketplace you want to sell (Toys, Electronics, Health, etc.) in must be large enough and not overcrowded with competition, and

(2) The Amazon product pricing and presentation must be researched and professionally looking prepared. The correct keywords must be used. Optimized image files must be uploaded.

That's about it when you're first starting out. Test your PPC campaigns and stick with a budget of $0.05 to $0.10. Traction takes time. Don't be surprised if it takes 6 months for results to start appearing. As you become more successful you can start using other Amazon tools. If you're not making heading go here.

For your e-Commerce Store like Shopify you should not try to emulate the look and feel of your Amazon store. Online shoppers inherently trust Amazon so if your Shopify store resembles the product page on Amazon the online shoppers will just purchase it on Amazon.

The reason online shoppers will make a purchase on your Shopify store is that you can run promotions that you cannot do on Amazon (like gifts/samples with purchase, discounts, and bundled sets, etc.).

Finally, free shipping is becoming the norm. If you don't have free shipping (for most if not all purchases), online shoppers will likely just go somewhere else to buy something similar to your offering.  For Shopify services please click here

One last thing.

The above assumes you have products people want for a price they are willing to pay. If you don't have that success will prove difficult.


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