Separating Online Traffic from Spam

Separating Online Traffic from Spam

The last few posts stressed the need to focus on online traffic volumes, bounce rates, and conversion rates if you are just starting or trying to build sales.

It's intuitive that to have significant sales you must first have a tremendous amount of traffic visits (sessions) as the number of sales transactions will always be a fraction of the total number site sessions.  

It's worth mentioning, however, always take a look at the type of traffic you begin to develop, in particular, if this traffic is from some sort of marketing program like email campaigns, affiliate campaigns, etc., that the traffic is quality online traffic. 

If you see a spike from a particular city (unless you targeted that city), low bounce rates (less than 20-30%), and low average session durations (less than 30 seconds) are classic indicators that you are receiving spammy visits.

Of course the most telling is the number of online transactions and the adjusted conversion rate is.

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