Still Not Getting Online Traffic or Sales?

Still Not Getting Online Traffic or Sales?

Not getting traffic and sales on your Shopify Store?

Here are the typical issues causing the problems (assuming whatever product or service is a viable competitive product):

1. No traffic is more a reflection of your marketing than your website site itself. So if you have no traffic the problem lies with you not reaching out and getting the attention of the potential customers properly. If you're not getting traffic working on your website likely will not significantly help. You need to work on your marketing.

2. No sales is a function of problems with your website, products, or a combination of the two. High bounce rates usually indicate poor layout and presentation. Low conversion rates usually reflect a combination of lack of conveying value proposition, building customer trust, and a website that is not easy or enjoyable to use.

We can help fix all of these issues. And if you're starting from scratch we can help you with that too.

Please contact us set up a free consultation on your Shopify Store.
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So week ago I have launched my first shopify store
I have fb page and two campaigns running: one for post engagement with prize to win and second one for conversion. I’m getting around 40 views per day, unfortunately I think it’s much too low. I set daily limit for ads £10. Unfortunately my budget is really low, I was thinking to add more products to my store in couple of days and open instagram account. Do you have any ideas for me how to trigger first sale ?


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