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There Is No "1" Way To Market Your Brand

We at the EpochBG Group get asked daily "why does my website / webstore have so little traffic".
What category your webstore falls into will dictate how you need to set up your webstore to capture online searches.  Not having the correct setup for whatever category you're in will result in organic traffic (people typing in a search query on Google/Bing/Yahoo) that will likely not meet your expectations.
For example, if you have a webstore in the cosmetic/beauty category, online customers search more by ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid, etc) than by say skin condition (acne,etc).  This would be more of a SEO marketing program.
If you have a CBD webstore, online users either are likely to search for a location to buy (CBD near me) or by brand name ( which means you have to have a nationally recognized brand name).  By location would require a geo-location marketing program (multiple landing page tied to city or zip codes).  By brand name would require at the minimum a brand awareness / brand exposure campaign (expensive).
The point is there is no one way to marketing for all types of online retail stores.
And since paid advertising now is so expensive small brands must market themselves in more advanced ways to get any type of significant return on the cost of that marketing.
The Trend In Online Retail Is If Your Brand Cannot Afford A 5-to-6 Figure Monthly Adspend Your ROI Probably Won't Meet Expectations.
Is Your Brand Lacking Website Traffic?
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