We Are Achieving Results On Amazon

We Are Achieving Results On Amazon

Having a Hard Time Getting Your CBD Products Approved for Listing On Amazon?
Having a Hard Time Keeping Your CBD Products Approved Once on Amazon?


EpochBG has spoken to a great many CBD brands and manufacturers (Over 800 in Fact). Many are stating they cannot either get approved by or stay approved on Amazon.

A significant number of brands are still under the impression that CBD products are not being sold on Amazon.

We have claimed to be successful in getting CBD brands approved. Well, here is the proof...

While we cannot guarantee Amazon approval (any who does is lying or simply doesn't know what they are talking about), we have not yet failed in getting approval for listing in our Amazon store the 24 brands with their 300 SKUs we have, to date, attempted.

The approval process is not easy nor simple and expect it to take at least 2-4 months.

We have another 25 brands potentially joining our soon-to-be CBD superstore with up to 500 additional SKUs.

We are not resellers... We do not buy your product and turn around and sell it. We partner with brands helping them develop into sustainable profitable businesses. When this market matures and the products become commoditized many brands will be left behind.

Why do you want to be a part of our group? The group, as a collective, increases the incentive for Amazon to take notice and enables higher visibility to the group as a whole and each of its members.

As the saying goes "a rising tide lifts all ships".

What this means is a higher traffic flow through rate which is beneficial for all in the group.

If you are still on the fence whether it makes sense to list on Amazon consider the following statistics:

  • 84% of online shoppers check Amazon before making a purchase
  • Almost half of all online purchases in the USA are made on the Amazon marketplace
  • The reality is Amazon is doing to business webstores what Walmart did to brick and mortar small businesses.
  • You need to know what you are doing. Once a brand is suspended by Amazon, it is usually a life sentence.
So we thought it would be helpful to present actual Amazon CBD sales data for the last 30 days (May 24 - June 23):

We pulled data off Amazon and found the following results when performing a general Amazon search for "CBD Oil":

  • Over 7,000 results found
  • Amazon presented the following database search results
    • 225 SKUs were presented. This implies many CBD SKUs, although listed on Amazon, are probably not buy box eligible and or have a poor BSR ranking, therefore, will not show up in search results. This means unless a customer specifically types a brand's name that brand will not ever be found on Amazon.
    • For the last 30 days of sales, approximately 147,000 units were sold (203% increase over April's sales)
    • The value of the 225 SKUs presented had an aggregate product value of $4.2 million USD (184% increase over April's sales).
    • Units sold per individual product SKU's per month ranged from 6,500 units sold down to Zero units sold. Reasons for this are many but mainly wrong price points to ineffective marketing outside of Amazon to lack of ongoing verified customer reviews. The median number of units sold per SKU per month was 318.
    • The average price for a CBD product for the top 225 products was $36.77. The median price point was $29.95 (meaning half of the products were priced less than $29.95).
    • Practically all products were fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

We performed similar research back in early Jan 2018 where at that time the number of units sold was determined to be estimated at 24,000 for a 30 day period.

This category on Amazon is showing a high potential of opportunity for brands that can successfully market themselves on Amazon.

We are platinum sellers on Amazon and have been in excellent standing with Amazon for over 10 years. We have now over 140 brands and manufacturers across various niches in that marketplace and have thousands of verified customer approval reviews. Our successful record speaks for itself.

We know how to get you approved, keep you approved and how to optimize your presence on Amazon.

To be successful online in the USA you have to be successful on Amazon. Amazon now controls almost half of all online sales in the USA. Over 85% of all online consumers in the USA now check Amazon before making an online purchase.

We can provide our integrated approach that incorporates your online store (and help you bring that store into the modern age. A Lot of CBD online stores look and perform in a very dated way providing the customer with a poor experience), your social media presence, and your other marketing efforts. How effectively you market your brand outside of Amazon will highly determine how well you do selling on Amazon.

Contact us for a free consultation just by replying to this email.

EpochBG is looking for brands and manufacturers for our stores on Amazon, specifically, the following product categories:

  • Oils
  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • Gel Caps
  • Topicals (creams, salves, balms)
  • Infused Cosmetic and Beauty Products
  • Pet Products
  • Water Soluble Products

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