Weekly Venting Recap

Weekly Venting Recap

Just a little bit of venting since it seems this week I took many calls all revolving around similar issues:

1.  No Traffic / No sales... ok. No Traffic is an indication of your marketing and not your website. So don't waste your time tinkering with your website and fix your marketing. No Sales could be a variety of things... you have a crappy product, it's over priced, your website is confusing or unpleasing, and there is, of course, the fact if you have no traffic you will have no sales...

2.  Total lack of understanding of how to run an online retail business. How is it someone gets into online retailing but does not understand or use analytics and search console? How does someone think they will survive in this business but does not understand marketing. Is it the fact there are no barriers to entry to starting an online store? The only one making money are the people hosting and building these sites plus social media and google for charging for advertising.

3.  To be successful online you have to also be on Amazon. Not selling TO Amazon but selling ON Amazon. And if you plan to get into the wholesale side of retailing then you can't sell on Amazon under your own storefront name because of channel conflicts.

4.  Not having a business plan. I read a great quote this morning. Having a goal without a plan is called a wish. If your plan is "I hope this works" is only going to cost you whatever money you put into it and probably more so.

Thanks for letting me vent

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