What Can You Do For Me On Amazon? Part Deux

This Is A Follow Up To The Last Newsletter...

EpochBG is called more than several times a day and posed with the two questions of "What Can You Do For Me About My Website And Or Amazon?" and "How Much Will It Cost?"

Anyone answering those questions to you without first reviewing your marketing plan (assuming you have one), reviewing your current efforts and results from those efforts, and asking you what is causing you to ask your questions in the first place is not able to give you an honest and accurate answer.

If sales (and more importantly, profits) on Amazon or your website are not meeting your expectations, please contact us.

The Truth Does Not Cease To Exist When It Is Ignored.

We can start by asking you the right questions and even have a questionnaire for you so you can see the questions you should be asked by anyone, whether it's from inside your own company or from consultants.

Example Question: 

An Issue To Be Addressed Is What Price Do You Need To Be At To Be Competitive.

Here Is An Effective Way To Quickly Compare Where You Stand With The Competition Price Wise:  Compare Products By “Price Per Milligram (Mg) Of CBD” Method.

Because Potency, Size, And Cost Vary Between Brands And Products, This Method Determines Where You Are At Compared To The Competition.

The Basic Way To Calculate Is Simple:
Take The Total Price (Product Price+Sales Tax+Shipping... Total Complete Price To The Customer) And Divide It The CBD Weight Given In Mg (Not The Ml Of The Bottle Or By The Number Of Gelcaps Or The Fl Oz Of The Jar).  A 1,000mg Bottle Of CBD Oil (Regardless Of Ml Size) That Costs $60 Has A $/Mg Value Of $0.06/Mg.

The Top Selling Brands Currently Are Falling In The $0.03/Mg To $0.15/Mg.  And Remember The Top Brands Have Effective Marketing Programs To Push These Products.

Epochbg Has Seen Some Brands At Over $0.50/Mg.  And They Wonder Why They Are Not Meeting Sales Goals Online.  This Is Simply A Metric That Cannot Be Ignored

Know the questions that should be asked before making decisions that end up costing you money!

Newsletter Issue #24- Some Quick Facts And Answers fromEpochBG

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