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What Most Sellers On Amazon Fail To Do To Improve Sales

What Is Important For Sellers On Amazon To Accomplish


A fundamental issue for sellers on Amazon is that important metrics/tasks are ignored resulting in poor sales.  Sellers often overlook the importance of product presentation.  Here are some fundamental objectives of a great Amazon product page.  It's not generally understood among sellers, that on Amazon, there is likely a similar product as yours with a great product page…  Guess who is going to get the sale?


It Is Important To Acknowledge And Accept Why Customers Shop On Amazon More Than Any Other Online Marketplace….
Top Reasons Customers Shop On Amazon
Recent Poll Why Customers Shop On Amazon
Important Metrics
  • Price
    • It’s The #1 Reason Customers Shop On Amazon. So If You’re Not Priced Right Guess What Happens:  No Sales.  Customers Expect To Get The Best Value For A Product That Satisfies Their Needs.  Brand Loyalty Has Been Diminishing Over Time Because Of The Ease Of Comparative Shopping….  Everything Is Becoming A Commodity From The Perspective Of The Customer.
    • Does Your Product Page Justify Your Price Point? It Does Not Matter What The Price Is If The Customer Doesn’t Accept Your Price.  If Your Product Title Is Lacking Detail Or Creativity, If Your Pictures Are Not Exceptional, And If Your Bullet Points Do Not Clearly Convey The Value Of Your Product, The Price Of Your Product Will Likely Not Be Justified In The Customer’s Mind And Will Quickly Move On To A Competing Brand’s Product Page.
    • Amazon’s Free Shipping Policies (Another Top Reason Customers Shop On Amazon) Already Gives You Cost Advantage Over Your Own Website Even If You Offer Free Shipping (You’re Paying It… It’s Not Free). But If Your Competitors Give More Value For Their Price, They Are More Likely To Get The Sale Than Your Brand.
    • It's Not About Reducing Your Price. It's About Providing The Most Value.  Whatever You Are Selling There Are Likely Hundreds If Not Thousands Of Similar Products For Sale On Amazon.  You Need To Sell Your Product In A More Valuable Way To The Customer Than Your Competition.
    • For Every Penny You Reduce In Your Cost Of Goods(COG), You Can Reduce Your Retail Price By 5 Pennies On Average And Still Maintain Margins.


  • Ongoing Customer Reviews
    • Continuous Reviews From Customers Who Purchased Your Products Are Critical In Developing Your Product Ranking.
    • There Is No Set Number Of Reviews That Determine If You Have Enough Reviews. #1 Is That The Reviews Are Continuously Received, #2 That The Reviews Are Positive In Nature, And #3, For A Benchmark, Popular Products Have Hundreds, If Not Thousands, Of Reviews.


  • Product Presentation
    • Another Top Reason For Customers To Come Shop On Amazon Is “Its So Easy To Buy It This Way”. Does Your Product Page Present Your Product In A Manner That The Value Is Easily Understood?


  • Pictures
    • Pictures Should Meet Amazon Guidelines And Gives The Customer The Ability To See Your Product Without Having The Ability To Hold, Touch, Smell Or Feel Your Product. If You Do Not Know The Amazon Image File Guidelines Your Images Likely Do Not Meet Them.
    • A Minimum Of 5 Product Pictures.
    • Decal Images As Applicable Like “Made In The USA”, “Organic”, “Non-GMO”, Etc.
    • In Our Experience, It's More Than Common To See Brands Overlook The Importance Of Hi-Quality Images Of Their Products. And Doing So Results In Poor Sales.
    • Again, Poor Quality Pictures Will Almost Certainly Lead To Poor Sales.


  • Bullet Points
    • 5 Bullet Points That Clearly Express Value And Why The Customer Should Buy Your Product. Specifically, How Well Your Product Works And Why It's Worth The Price.
    • To Have Great Bullet Points You Have To Know Why Your Customer Is Buying Your Product Or Your Competitor's
    • The Bullet Points Clearly Convey Why Your Product Is Better Than Competing Products. From The Customer Perspective, All They See That Every Product Is Great According To The Product Pages Viewed.  What They Rarely Read Or See Is A Product That Is Better Than All The Other Similar Products.


  • Driving Traffic To Your Amazon URLs
    • The Fastest Way To Improve Your Product Rankings Is To Develop Sales Attributed To An External Source From Outside Amazon. What This Means Is That A Customer Clicked On A Hyperlink (In An Email, On Social Media, Your Own Website, Etc) That Redirected That Customer Automatically And Directly To Your Amazon URL.
    • Sales Attributed To Internal Amazon Ads (PPC, Etc) Do Not Impact Your Product Ranking Of Any Significance So If Resources Are Limited You Are Better Off From A Business Perspective And ROI To Devote Those Resources To Marketing Outside Of Amazon.


  • FBA
    • Customers Overwhelming Prefer Products Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) Over Products Fulfilled By The Seller. It’s Just That Simple.


  • Technical Product Page Backend Development
    • Keyword Development (Getting Past The 200 Character Limit), Using “Advanced” Mode To Delineating Audiences And Intended Uses, Using Parent-Child Relationships, Etc., Are All Tasks That Need To Be Executed Competently. Many Sellers, From Our Experience, Do Not Realize All The Backend Tweaks That Can Be Done…  Many Sellers Simply Don’t Know What They Don’t Know.
    • Being Associated With An Amazon Store (Account) That Has Successful Sales History And Long Term Positive And Plenty Of Customer Reviews Aids In Winning The Buy Box.
    • Amazon Prime Product And Buybox Eligibility Are A Must.
    • If You Are Currently On Amazon Or Considering Of Listing On Amazon Contact Epochbg To Review What Value We Can Bring You Listing Your Products In Our Amazon Store.

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