you're Selling on Amazon - Now What?

You're On Amazon - Now What?

Okay, You Have Your Amazon Products Listed As A Seller (Assuming Correctly And Not As A Vendor?)

You Have Products Priced Competitively, Great Pictures, Optimized Text And Keywords

You Are Collecting Customer Reviews

Now What?

Amazon Seller Marketing Solutions Provider Transforming Your Amazon Presence Into A More Profitable Enterprise

Newsletter Issue #13 - Some Quick Facts And Answers from EpochBG


With Over 500M+ Products Currently Listed On Amazon… How Does Your New / Small Brand (Brand) Get Recognized By The Customer?  

Your Brand Will Likely Have Little To No Chance Of Being Successful On Amazon Unless Traffic Is Being Driven To Your Amazon Product Page Through Various Marketing Initiatives.

Your New / Small Brand Is Disadvantaged On Amazon Due To:
  • No Or Poor Sales History
  • No or Poor Traffic
  • No Or Poor Best Sellers Ranking 
  • No Customer Reviews
  • Not Familiar How To Sell Successfully In The Amazon System

Major Reasons Small Businesses (SB) Do Not Perform Well On Amazon:

  • Amazon Sells The SB Product Directly Or The SB Sells Products That Amazon Sells Directly
  • The SB Products Are Not “Prime” Products
  • The SB Is Not Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA)
  • The SB Is Basically An Unknown Brand And Is Not Effectively Marketing Itself Outside Of Amazon.
  • The SB Does Not Win The Buy Box (And Commonly Even Does Not Know What The Buy Box Is)
  • The SB Products Do Not Have A Decent Best Seller Ranking (BSR)
  • The SB Is Not Collecting Customer Reviews
  • The SB Is Not Pricing Its Products Competitively

What EPOCHBG Can Do For Your Business On Amazon In Our Stores:

  • Take Your Products Through The Amazon Approval Process Including Products Like Hemp Products
  • Optimize And Maintain Product Pages
  • Gets Your Products Accepted By FBA Warehouse
  • Complete Brand Registry
  • Inventory Management Complete With Shipping And Freight Labels
  • Customer Service
  • Follow Up With Purchases And Get Verified Customer Reviews
  • Accounting To Ensure Payouts Match Sales
  • Suggest Effective Price Points

Contact Us Regarding Discussing Placing Your Products In Our Amazon Store.

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