Elderly Homeless Artist Could Use A Helping Hand

Elderly Homeless Artist Could Use A Helping Hand

I met an elderly homeless artist at a shelter today.

This is something not related to our business but we felt it was important to do something...

He’s an introvert and he escapes his solitude in his drawings. I do not know much about him as he’s very guarded in terms of speaking on how he arrived at his current place in life. He spent 30+ hours on this drawing for a pack of cigarettes.

Note: I wasn’t the one who traded cigarettes for the drawing.

So I went to the dollar store and for $2 bought this frame. The pen is shown for scale in size. I thought if he wrote a thought for a day in his own handwriting, or some memory of his and packaged it with a drawing he could at least sell them for perhaps food money or something.

The picture I took does his drawing no justice. The texture and detail is quite something and I'm not a big artist fan.

Any thoughts on how I could help him earn some money with his talent?

To paint a picture of Dwayne (the homeless artist) he can’t be taller than 5-6. Mid sixties but he’s had a hard life so he could be 45 and just “weathered”
Looks like a miniature Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) with long curly blonde hair.
Very soft spoken.

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